Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm now on Booklikes!

Just a short little post to say that I'm now on Booklikes! For anyone who isn't aware, Booklikes is like Goodreads meets Tumblr. Since I'm not a member of Goodreads, I thought I might as well have a go at Booklikes - people seem to be enjoying it! So here's what you can expect to find there:

  • Pretty much everything I post here: book reviews, Wishlist Wednesdays and discussion posts will be linked up on Booklikes
  • Since I post book reviews about a week after I finish the book, I'm going to post my initial reactions on Booklikes - thoughts, feelings, pros & cons
  • Anything and everything bookish: pictures, quotes, videos, random tidbits, memes, gifs...so much stuff

If you feel like checking it out, here's my link: http://danielleheartsbooks.booklikes.com/

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