Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teaser Tuesday (5)

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Teaser Tuesday is a Meme hosted by Mizb @ Should Be Reading. Anyone can join in, as long as they do the following:
  • Grab your current read. 
  • Open your book to a random page
  • Share two (2) "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page. 
  • Warning:  Avoid spoilers in your teaser as not everyone has had the pleasure to read your current read
  • Share the Title Author so anyone can add your current read to their list if they wish to do so. 
  • Note: links go to Amazon

Juliet by Anne Fortier
Release Date:
26th July 2011

Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 512

I'm sorry this teaser is a bit long, but I just had to include it all!

"No sooner had I made the decision to move than I heard the sound of footsteps; not the footsteps of a librarian returning from siesta or a student looking for a book, but the cautious footsteps of someone who did not want me to hear him, someone whose errand in the archives was even more dubious than mine. Peeking through the shelves I saw him coming my way - and yes, it was the same old scum who had followed me the night before - slithering from bookcase to bookcase, his eyes fixed on the metal door to the vault. But this time, he was carrying a gun"

And the book even has a trailer! Check it out below


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  1. Wow, sounds good! Great teaser! I haven't actually heard of this book before but it sounds like it could be a good read. :)

    My TT


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