Wednesday, November 9, 2011

News: Root - Interactive Thriller From Random House and Guardian Teen Books

Jo over at Once Upon a Bookcase has just released news of an interactive story by Random House and Guardian Teen Books called Root, where the readers help to create the story. Currently up to chapter 12, a new chapter will be released on the website every weekday for the next 4 weeks or so. Head on over to Once Upon a Bookcase to find out more

The mistake that gets Danny Solomon killed is a simple one. Anyone could have made it. He's tired, it's past midnight, and he misses a keystroke - forgets to close a bracket, dot an i, cross a t. When it comes down to it, he is done in by punctuation.
Danny is fifteen, and IRL - In Real Life, a place he visits as little as possible - he's all lanky awkwardness. He blushes easily. His jeans don't quite meet the tops of his off-brand trainers. Girls at school, if they don't actually laugh in his face, feel sorry for him, and though Danny marginally prefers that to the laughter, he's smart enough to realise that girls don't go out with people they feel sorry for.
Actually, he isn't just smart. He's extraordinarily, ruinously smart.

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