Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in 12 sentences

Whilst traversing the blogsphere, I stumbled upon this post at Vonnie's Reading Corner. I thought it looked interesting, and that it was a good way to finish off 2012, so I though I would give it a go! The idea is to sum up 2012 with one sentence for each month. 

January: Took trips to Melbourne and Shoal Bay with friends, and was accepted into my dream course at university.

February: Had a reunion of the 2011 graduating class from high school, and started at university.

March: Spent a lot of time meeting new people at uni, but was constantly worried that I wouldn't make any friends.

April: Skipped someone's birthday party because I was afraid of the social interaction with people I didn't know (can you tell I'm an introvert?), but talked myself into going to one a couple of weeks later and thoroughly enjoyed it.

May: Celebrated a high school friends birthday at her beach house, got a bit overwhelmed with uni work, and marvelled at the number of posts I did in April due to the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

June: Took my first uni exams (thankfully I passed them all!)

July: Had my first house party, which confirmed that I had indeed made friends at uni, and took a trip to the Hunter Valley.

August: Officially spent more time socialising at uni as opposed to studying.

September: saw Legally Blonde the Musical, talked myself into going to another party filled with people I didn't know, had my own birthday party (which was amazing) and went to IMATS (international makeup expo) with some close friends.

October: went paintballing (again with mostly people I didn't know - I'm getting better at this social interaction!) the day before my 19th birthday, and spent the rest of the month working busily on uni assignments.

November: said au revior to a close friend, who I won't see again until the end of Jan, took some more uni exams, and embraced the freedom that came after them!

December: really got back into blogging, finished all my reading challenges, and made my new years resolutions. 

So what about you? Can you summarise 2012 in 12 sentences?

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