Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Blogging from A to Z Challenge

So I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I only just discovered the Blogging from A to Z Challenge whilst navigating the blogosphere. I thought that it was such a good idea that I would join up too! Basically, for each day in April, you write a post that has something to do with that day's letter, starting with A on the1st April, and ending with Z on the 30th. You post can be about whatever you want it to be about - the choice is yours!
So, since I've only just started and it's already the 3rd, I thought I'd just put my first three posts together

 A is for April Fools: I don't usually get into April Fools much, but I do like to see how others spend their time playing pranks on friends. This year, I have to say that the BBC really thought long and hard about their joke

B is for Book Boyfriends: It seems that nowadays, every young adult book has to have some sort of relationship in there. I don't know if this is just because authors want their protagonist to be in a relationship, or whether they actually know that the girls reading their books can, sometimes, go a bit crazy for the perfect book boyfriend. Who doesn't enjoy reading about the likes of Peeta from The Hunger Games and Adam from Shatter Me?

C is for Chemistry: If you didn't know (and I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't), I major in chemistry at university. A lot of people don't seem to like chemistry, and I can never understand why! So here's a little something that might persuade you. Have any tarnished silver jewellery at home? Don't go out an buy a polishing cloth, just place you jewellery on top of some aluminium foil in lemon juice. Leave it over night, and voila, in the morning your jewellery should be all shiny and look brand spanking new again! And you know why - CHEMISTRY! See, it really is your friend.

What about you? Do you a) play April Fools jokes on your friends, b) have a secret book boyfriend or c) enjoy science like I do?

Also, you may notice that my blog doesn't appear to be on the list for those who signed up to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge...it seems that I may have just missed the deadline for adding myself to the list. No bother though :)


  1. a) I have never participated in, or been 'fooled' by an April Fools joke! I did enjoy Goodreads' site announcement this year though! And I didn't see BBC's but that looks hilarious! My friend "fooled" people by making her relationship status on Facebook as "open" and the year before she put a Leek under her dads car and told him, "Dad, you better hurry, there's a leak under your car."
    It was quite funny to hear about!

    b) It is no secret, but FOUR is where it's at. That guy... just melts my heart. Oh... and ASH from The Iron Fey. *trembles* hehe. It's just so nice to witness their personalities :D

    C) I, unfortunately do not enjoy science like you do. I did like the formula side of things, I am quite good at maths so working out the formulas came easily to me. I like puzzles and challenges! And I like the reactions of chemicals to make things happen, like the jewellry example you used, but, I just didn't like studying it! *shrugs* I know, bizarre! xD

    Faye :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and answering all my questions! Your friends joke about the leek under her dads car sounds pretty funny :)


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