Monday, April 30, 2012

Musing Monday (8)

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Musing Mondays is a weekly Meme by Mizb @ Should Be Reading
This weeks musing asks... Do you listen to audiobooks? If not, why not? and if so, what has been one of your favourites, so far?
I don't actually listen to audiobooks because I know that I won't be able to concentrate on the story if I listen to it. When I'm reading a book, I have to concentrate on the physical pages and words, and actually absorb the story. I just know that if I listen to an audiobook, my mind will wander and I won't absorb that story as well, which means I'll having to listen to that same chapters over and over again, and I just don't have the patience for that!
What about you? Do you listen to audiobooks?


  1. good answer, it does seem like it would be a lot harder to focus without the book right in front of you. I haven't tried them yet, here's my answer in full:

  2. i totally agree with you. I wouldn't be able to do it either. Here's my Musing

    Cathy @ Addicted to Books

  3. I'm the same. I just can't concentrate with audiobooks.

  4. I've only listened to holiday stories while doing my annual baking. I wonder if I could concentrate on a book while doing something like knitting. This has been an interesting Musing!


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